Aldi selling “Halal” snacks that contained pork

May 21, 2015


Aldi has apologised after selling black pudding labelled as ‘halal’ despite it containing pork.

The product, made by Scottish company Punjab Pakora, contained traces of pork blood and skins – both forbidden in Islam. 

It was stocked on Aldi shelves and online with a UK Health Code stamp which labelled it as suitable for Muslims.

After being contacted by outraged customers the chain has apologised and insisted on refunding any unhappy consumers.

The pakora was supplied to the supermarket chain by Scotland-based company Punjab Pakora which produces a number of Indian dishes.

Its owners Kushal & Vinita Duggal said the error occurred because a manager in charge of what is printed on product labels did not notice the mistake.

‘The mistake happened when we did the print run and unfortunately our manager failed to spot this error and got approval for printing.

‘We have been trying our very best and hardest (to correct the issue) and have contacted different clients involved and have sorted the issue.’ 


For more info :
Department of Halal Certification wants to emphasise on the importance of a Halal Logo that is issued by a legitimate Halal Certification Body. Merely the text Halal in English is not sufficient as this can be printed by any Company. We wish to advise the Muslim Ummah and Aldi to only accept products as Halal if they contain an official Halal logo of a certification body.