DHC proudly supports 1st WORLD HALAL DAY – 2014

September 8, 2014

First World Halal Day will be celebrated on 1st of November 2014. DHC is proud to support and participate in the World Halal Day celebrations.

world halal day


“Halal” – A rapidly growing buzz word across the countries and spelled by almost every business man to the end consumer. Not alone in the Food Industry but the standard of Halal Trustworthiness and Brand value runs in Pharmaceuticals, Apparels, Logistics, Hospitality and What Not ? Almost one fourth of the global populations are Muslims and strictly preferring the Halal Products & Services but now this circle enlarged and reached the next level of it called “Halal Consumerism” that includes not only muslims but non muslims in many as well and influence continues to grow. Improving awareness, education on Halal consumption made this boom and contributing almost 18% of the global food market. This gained the global momentum and standards expected to turn the 4 Trillion USD Market by 2020. The rapidly growing Muslim population and Halal Consuming group in mean while geared up the rise of ethical institutions are soon to demand more and more businesses ranging from food to tourism, value-based pharmaceuticals to cosmetics, and fashion to media – all based on the dynamics of Halal. This potential is bound to provide tremendous opportunities for new growth and investments to business enterprises around the world.


The observation of World Halal Day on 1ST NOVEMBER of every year to promote and strive to build One Community regardless of any diversity and to unite everyone in the world with the basic principles of Food for All, United against Hunger and Preservation of Nature. Apart from the trade and commercial aspects, these principles stand for wholesomeness which cares about the Quality, Integrity, and Standards of Healthy Food Consumption. It also cares for the Environment, Social Responsibility, Animal Welfare, Community Welfare and many more. There are many manufacturers, service providers, certification bodies, non-profit organizations, societies, authorities, governments and the consumers benefited in the way of halal and day for all to care and give back to society and reminding all the ethical way of living.

The prime objective of this day is to bridge the imbalance of the food excesses and deficits in the different corners of the world, ensuring and promoting nature given healthy food for the needy. Due to the critical complexities in the now a day’ food manufacturing process and amid the profit driven business motives are making the food we consume unhealthy and the man made science striving against the originalities of nature given set ups especially in usage of untested, unnatural products and usages of Harmful chemicals in the food and industrial environment processes. There are millions of Halal certified products in the market and thousands of manufacturers using their self spaces of market to sell, but this day is to give back their own manufactured products to the needy and poor as a social responsibility at free, to exhibit the right dimension of halal called social responsibility and good works of charity across the globe and in every countries.