Moscow Halal Expo 2016

April 11, 2016


Halal in Russia

Halal in Russia is more than just lawful.

Only 30 years ago mainly ethnic Muslims in Russia knew what “halal” is about and it meant to them only meat permitted by Islam. In the 1990-s halal sausages appeared in the shops at mosques. Later, in 21st century, the Russians learned that the “halal” can be not only meat. Halal can be as well other food products, perfumery, cosmetics, clothes and medicines, equipment and services, and in general – anything, if it is beneficial and not harmful to the person and mankind as a whole, its physical, spiritual, intellectual, moral and social health.
Nowadays the word “halal” is a sign for not only Muslims. Most supermarkets have special departments where you can find halal products. Russia became an active importer and exporter of halal goods and services.

What attracts Russian consumers in halal products? It is the same thing which is attracting their colleagues around the world: Products of this category are of high quality and safety guaranteed. “Halal” has become synonymous to the phrase “good food”. Halal products are in great demand from among buyers of different denominations – for everybody who cares about health.
That is why we have the catch phrase “Halal in Russia is more than just halal.” Halal has become not only a fashion, but a world-wide trend and a way of life for many people in Russia.

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