Alternatives to Animal Gelatin


What is animal gelatin ?

On an industrial scale, gelatin is made from by-products of the leather and meat industry, mainly bones and remains of pigs and cattle.
The seals and the sharks are also excellent sources of collagen.
The use of skins and bones of pigs presents a problem for law-abiding Muslims in the rules imposed by Islamic law. It is also important to note that even when the raw materials come from permitted animals (notably cattle), Muslims must ensure that these animals have been slaughtered according to Islamic rules, otherwise many Muslims do not consider Halal products (for example gelatin) originating from these animals.

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Why Butter needs to be Halal Certified

Many people would assume that since butter is produced from milk, it can only be Halal.

Now, in the olden age, this was indeed the only way how butter could be made – just pure cow’s milk and a lot of shaking, stirring and agitation – completely halal!

But in this day and age, butter is no longer made of just milk. Commercially-made butter are sometimes packed with something extra for the consumers.

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