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Food Processing

Halal certification of processed food products involves first and foremost careful analysis of the raw materials, ingredients, additives of the food productss to ensure Halal compliance. DHCE reviews ingredients and sub ingredients for all consumable and non-consumable products to determine their source of origin (animal, plant, mineral, microbial or synthetic) as well as the processes and processing aids used in their production. In food processing, there are emulsifiers and enzymes like rennet and various cultures which must be Halal compliant.

The production site is also audited against DHCE Integrated Halal Standards to ensure the highest standard of Halal Compliance.

DHCE Auditors conduct Level 1 and Level 2 audits on-site where they verify documentation (HACCP record, product specification sheets, pest control record, cleaning record, delivery dockets etc.) and perform a physical inspection of the production site.

When it comes to Halal certification of your products, services and processes, DHCE is certainly the right partner. Since 2010, we provide our services as an independent Irish based Halal certification body to the food, chemical, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

DHCE is recognized internationally as a leading institution for Halal certification and is a reference body for governments, Islamic institutions and food associations.