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Halal means permitted, allowed, lawful or legal. In relation to food or drink it means that the food or drink is lawful.



A Halal certificate is a guarantee that products comply with the Islamic dietary requirements. Halal



The Department of Halal Certification EU (DHCE) has prepared a series of Halal Training Programs to increas….

Welcome to Department of Halal Certification Europe!

Department of Halal Certification Europe (DHCE) is the only accredited Irish international Halal certification body involved in the supervision, inspection, auditing and certification of Halal food products produced in Ireland, the UK and other European Countries.

Department of Halal Certification was initially established under the auspices of the Islamic Centre of Ireland in 2010 as a representative authority in Ireland to formalise the investigation & certification of food products for produced in Ireland. Currently DHCE operates in Ireland, UK and other European countries where it supervises, audits and certifies abattoirs, food processing companies and pharmaceutical companies. 

DHCE is accredited by EIAC (Emirates International Accreditation Centre) of the United Arab Emirates. EIAC is member of the International Halal Accreditation Forum(IHAF).

The objective of DHCE is to assure the Muslim consumers that the products certified as Halal by DHCE are genuinely in compliance with worldwide Halal standards and applicable EU regulations. This guarantees that products certified by DHCE are compatible with Muslim dietary requirements and also produced according to the highest standards of food safety.  

DHCE promotes professionalism and excellence in the certification of Halal products. The Halal Certificates issued by DHCE are recognised worldwide and our clients have gained unique access to the global Halal market which is worth trillions of Euros.

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We are delighted to announce our Business All-Star Accreditation.

Our DHCE team has been very busy over the last 8 weeks working with the All-Ireland Business Foundation to achieve our Business All-Star Accreditation Certificate. This accreditation is an outstanding achievement and recognises the hard work and dedication of our team in providing a Best-in-class service to our clients in Ireland and abroad. 


Halal is no longer just a purely religious issue, as it has become a global symbol for quality assurance and lifestyle

The Halal marketplace is emerging as one of the most lucrative and influential market arenas in the world today. Halal is no longer just a purely religious issue, as it has become a global symbol for quality assurance and lifestyle choice. It is a new market force that should not be overlooked.

With a global consumer base of about 1.9 billion across 112 countries, the Halal market is estimated to be worth trillions of Euros.

DHCE specialises in overseeing, auditing and certifying Halal food products and productions. Please contact us to discuss halal certification of your products