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Halal Training

The Department of Halal Certification EU (DHCE) has prepared a series of Halal Training Programs to increase understanding on Halal issues and to produce resources for the Halal market.

These training programmes are based on Islamic Law and cover different topics like what foods are Halal (permissible) and Haram (prohibited), the concept of Halal, importance of Halal for Muslim consumers, the Halal market, product research and development, Halal certification and internal Halal training.

These training programs are designed for professionals, Muslims/non-Muslims who are associated with the Halal industry, those who wish to join the Halal industry and even those who would like to improve their existing Halal production.

Companies that wish to deliver Halal training to their employees can take advantage of group bookings and training can also be delivered on site. This personalised training program allows employees to address technical difficulties that they may encounter during the course of their daily work.

As part of the training we can also arrange visits to abattoirs and processing plants to aid understanding and see how others implement the DHCE standard/procedures in the real world.