Thailand halal assembly 2018

The Halal food industry is one of the country’s most revenue-generating sectors. Last year, Thailand was ranked among the world’s top 10 halal product exporters. Now, all parties concerned, both from the public and private sectors, have joined forces to position Thailand as a top-five Halal-exporting country by 2020.

Realising the potential of the Halal food industry, The Central Islamic Council of Thailand (CICOT), in association with The Halal Standard Institute of Thailand, and The Halal Science Center ChulalongkornUniversity, staged  the   5thThailand  Halal  Assembly  2018 to showcase to the world the capacity of Thailand’s Halal industry and provide Thai Halal SMEs with connectivity with international traders, while exchanging knowledge and know-how of Halal science among academics from around the globe. Recently held at BITEC Bangna, the event was presided over by His Excellency the Sheikhul lslam of Thailand Mr. Aziz Phitakkumpon.

Assoc. Prof. Prakorn Priyakorn, Ph.D., Director of The Halal Standard Institute of Thailand, said: “Following the great success of the event last time, we continued to organise the event again this year.

Our main objective is to promote the strength of the Thai Halal industry to the world, resulting from the dynamic mechanisms. We are equipped with knowledge, innovation, and technology to develop Halal products to meet international standards.

This event is expected to brand Thai Halal products as world-class quality products certified by religious regulations and science. In addition, this is a good opportunity for Thai Halal SMEs to improve their ability to compete at international level, thereby leading the country to be among the world’s top-five Halal exporters in the future.”

The Thailand International Halal Expo 2018 (TIHEX) served as a meeting point of over 250 exhibitors in Halal business from 12 countries worldwide.  The Halal Standard and Certification Bodies Convention 2018 was a congregation of Halal certification bodies from around the world.

Moreover, there were research and innovation presentations relating to Halal science, and business matching between Thai Halal entrepreneurs and international traders.

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DHC approved by Egyptian authorities

We are glad to inform that Department of Halal Certification is approved by the Egyptian authorities to supervise Halal slaughter in connection with the export of Beef products from Ireland to Egypt.

Department of Halal Certification Europe (formerly DHCI) operates as the Halal Certification Body of Al-Mustafa Islamic Centre Ireland.

Notification from Egyptian Embassy in Ireland:

Ramadan Mubarak

We wish you a very blessed Ramadan.

Ramadan Kareem!    

يطيب للمركز الإسلامى بأيرلندا  أن يبعث  لكم أحر التهاني وأصدق التبريكات بمناسبة حلول شهر رمضان المبارك، جعله الله شهر خير وبركة، ووفقنا جميعاً لصيامه وقيامه، والفوز بالمغفرة ، والرضوان

A Ramadan Reminder by our Quality Control Director, Shaykh Dr Umar Al-Qadri

Why Butter needs to be Halal Certified

Many people would assume that since butter is produced from milk, it can only be Halal.

Now, in the olden age, this was indeed the only way how butter could be made – just pure cow’s milk and a lot of shaking, stirring and agitation – completely halal!

But in this day and age, butter is no longer made of just milk. Commercially-made butter are sometimes packed with something extra for the consumers.

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