Why Halal Certification?

  • Complete an applicaiton for Halal certification (Download from website)
  • Arrange for an audit/inspection of the facility in order that DHCI may review the process, products, matrials and sanitation of the production process
  • Provide required information, such as specification sheets, list of declared and undeclared ingredients, labels flow charts, cleaning procedures, etc.
  • The audit/inspection will be done in complete confidence and no information will be passed to any third party.
  • If the audit/inspection is not successful, recommendations will be given so in order to make the next audit/inspection successful.
  • Once the ingredients, additives, cleaning procedure and audit is approved an agreement is signed by DHCI and its client.
  • Once above mentioned requirements are met and certification fee is paid, the Halal certificate will be issued.
  • The Halal certificate will be valid for one year.

Once Halal Certificate is issued

  • The certified product will be added to our website www.halalcertificaion.ie
  • Product Halal certified by DHCI can be advertised as Halal and can also use the Halal logo on their packaging.

If you have any question please email