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Important Announcement: Clarification on Halal Certification and Slaughterhouse Codes

Important Announcement: Clarification on Halal Certification and Slaughterhouse Codes

Dear Esteemed Members of the Muslim Community,

Assalamu alaikum warahmatullah,

As a trusted and accredited Halal certification body based in Ireland, we are committed to providing accurate information to our community and ensuring the integrity of the Halal certification process. Recently, we have become aware of rumours circulating on social media regarding the authenticity of certain IE codes on meat product labels, purportedly indicating their Halal status. We find it necessary to address these rumors and provide clarification for the benefit of our community.

Incorrect Information and Clarification:

The information suggesting that products with specific IE codes from certain slaughterhouses are universally Halal is not accurate. We would like to clarify a few key points to ensure that our community makes informed choices:

  1. Variable Halal Slaughter Practices: Some slaughterhouses and abattoirs may engage in Halal slaughter on specific days of the week, while others may exclusively conduct Halal slaughter. However, it is an industry practice for most facilities to process carcasses from animals slaughtered elsewhere, leading to potential cross-contamination.

Our Halal Certification Process:

Our Halal certificates encompass meat products sourced from accredited abattoirs, and this endorsement is granted following a rigorous and impartial Halal certification process. This process involves a pre-audit, a Halal audit conducted by Technical auditors and Shariah experts against specific Halal standards, and an assessment of compliance with food safety standards. Once a slaughterhouse successfully obtains Halal certification, it must also adhere to the following condition:

  1. Halal Supervision: Our Halal supervisors closely monitor and supervise the entire production process, from slaughter to final packaging, ensuring compliance with Halal standards.
  2. Halal Logo on Label: Look for the Halal logo on the product label. All our certified products feature this logo, indicating that they have undergone rigorous supervision by our dedicated Halal supervisors and auditors.
  3. Halal Batch Certificates: In cases where carcasses are sold to local butchers for further processing, or for export purposes, a Halal batch certificate is issued. This certificate includes crucial details such as Halal slaughter dates, batch codes, and more.

Guidance for Consumers:

We kindly urge our Muslim consumers to exercise vigilance and accept products as genuinely Halal only if:

  1. The product carries a Halal logo or the word “Halal” on the label.
  2. Local butchers provide a Halal Batch certificate for every shipment, verifying the authenticity of the Halal meat products they sell.

Contact Us for Further Information:

For any inquiries or additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to assist and provide clarity on matters related to Halal certification.

Thank you for your trust in our certification process and your commitment to making informed choices in adherence to Halal principles.


Department of Halal Certification Europe (DHCE)